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To make learning practical and scientific an adventure, the Children's Museum has implemented a recreational methodology fun for all ages. Parents and children can learn such interesting topics as the production of coal, gardening, care of teeth, money management, solar energy and how to make a TV show, among others.

You will not find anything boring through five different paths of entertainment. There are two stages for children from 1 to 6 years. Each tour lasts an hour and a half and costs 9,000 pesos ($4.50 usd). They are currently working to open three more paths, in an alliance with the company Colsubsidio. The Children's Museum hosts a science fair that boost kids confidence and makes interesting presentations and show case displays that are temporarily on.

If you come to know the museum and you're an adult you should be very open to any of the activities you try, you will run, crouch, jump and play as children do. Let out the child that is trapped in your heart. Age does not matter, just let loose be a kid, have lots of energy and learn.

Pay close attention to the murals you'll find round the place, painted by children of different ages, at different times. Each month, the museum makes a call for children to express their feelings on the walls and ways of seeing the world. If you have a child that likes to paint, you might be able to display their beautiful on the walls of this fun place.
They don’t have to be professional artist; they can be 3 year olds.

The two modules for young children are labeled "Children's Zone”. The first, "Gold", develops the theme of nutrition relying on prototypes of fruits, fish, cheese and milk, so large that children can ride on them like an amusement park. To learn about the topic of oral hygiene, entering a huge mouth to see its interior and cleaning techniques.

The end of the tour is the city. The second module is called "Silver" and the tour begins in the "Sensory Tunnel" continues with the "mini gym" and ends at the "Workshop."

In other areas, important topics such as the "Solar Energy", are explained by images and experiments on rotation of the earth, the "Greenhouse" and the most loved of all, the study of "Television", a fun place which explains how the cameras work and how to make a television program. If you're really interested, you can make your own video you can take you home for the value of 10,000 Cop ($5.00 usd) as a beautiful memory.

On the other hand there is also the production of "oil" one of the most contentious issues throughout the world. You can also see the "Physical Optics", where you can see how the human eye reacts to different elements composed of circles, as well as "Genetics” and “Safety”.

There are art works done by Leonardo Da Vinci, and explanations on perception. This is definitely a place that needs no explanation because its name says it all, do not miss a single trip, remember that this museum is just right for everyone and is not such a bad idea to update some of your knowledge.


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